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Lifestyle-Transponder 3064
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The round SimonsVoss transponder resembles a UFO in shape. Small and handy, it can open up to 48,000 doors. It is easily possible to implement even the largest locking systems electronically. The transponder 3064 can be used to control external and internal doors, cabinets, automatic gates and barriers, lighting, installations and lifts of all kinds. If the transponder is lost, it can be blocked immediately. A replacement transponder can be activated with just a few mouse clicks. All locking authorisations of the lost or stolen transponder are automatically taken over by the software. Changes to the access authorisations can be programmed quickly and flexibly. Maintenance and servicing are zero: the battery lasts around eight to ten years or approximately one million activations without replacement. The typical range on the cylinder is up to 40 cm and on the Smart Relay up to 120 cm.



The SimonsVoss transponder is the identification medium in System 3060.


  • Standard transponder in robust housing with midnight blue button
  • Version like standard transponder with dark red button
  • Combined versions with bonded housing and/or sequential numbering
  • Transponder for use on the Validation Terminal (Attention: separate firmware!)
  • Transponder with an additional passive chip for integration of external systems
  • Transponder for potentially explosive zones with certification for intrinsic safety ib, Zone 1, Group IIC, T3, II2G
  • Transponder for fire brigade tube safes with an inner diameter of 33 mm or more
  • Password transponder for storing the locking system password
  • Switching transponder with 2 connecting wires to actuate the potential-free contact of an external device.


  • Design housing made of black plastic (polyamide)
  • diameter: 42 mm, thickness: 13,7 mm
  • Protection class: IP 65, with bonded housing IP 66
  • Environmental class III
  • Integrated lithium button cell type CR 2032
  • Battery life: up to 1 million operations or up to 10 years standby time
  • Adjustable validity (activation/deactivation) up to 6 months in advance
  • Storage of data records for 3 independent locking systems

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