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Typical object

  • Multi-storey office building with pure office operation
  • Several companies are accommodated in the house.
  • Problem: Nobody knows at the end of the day whether there are other employees in the house.



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  • The object is to be equipped with an electronic locking system.
  • Because different employees work for different lengths of time in the building, the main entrance should be equipped with a motor lock.
  • This is to ensure that the door is always locked, because no employee knows whether there are other employees in the building and there is no caretaker on site to be the last to lock the building in the evening.
  • During the day, the reception desk for representative visits is manned from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at core time. At this time the door should always be open.
  • Outside the core time, employees still in the house should be accessible via the intercom and be able to open the door.
  • Only one identity medium should be used for the entire building.
  • Because of the danger of vandalism, no card reader should be visible from the outside.

The solution

  • The digital locking system from SimonsVoss is best suited for this application. The Smart relay is the ideal interface for integrating electrical and electronic components into the system.
  • All interior doors are equipped with SimonsVoss cylinders.
  • The main entrance is equipped with an effeff motor lock with panic function and external control. (Prices for motor lock)
  • The motor lock is controlled by a SimonsVoss Smart-Relay Advanced with external antenna. The Smart relay was installed in the ceiling and the external antenna was installed behind the glazing beads on the inside of the glazing in the entrance area. No reader is visible from the outside, so there is no point of attack for vandalism.
  • The motor lock is self-locking and has a panic function, the door is equipped with an upper door closer. The door is therefore always locked, even in the event of a power failure, the door closes automatically and the bolt extends automatically. Important: Even without electricity, you can always leave the house from the inside thanks to the panic function.
  • The SimonsVoss smart relay has a floating contact to which the motor lock control is connected.
  • The telephone system with door intercom (TFE) has also been connected to this potential-free contact. This enables visitors to reach the respective employee in the upper floors of the telephone after 4 p.m. via the bell and intercom system and the latter can grant the visitor access by pressing a specific button on the telephone.
  • A switch has been installed in the reception area with which the motor lock can be switched to “permanently open”. If the reception is busy, the employee switches to “Permanently open”, leaves the reception she switches to “Closed” and the motor lock can only be opened with the transponder. Now the SimonsVoss Advanced Smart Relay is already equipped with an access control system and the opening times could be programmed so that this switch would actually be superfluous. However, it is recommended to refrain from doing so, because in practice it is easily possible for employees to arrive half an hour late (e.g. due to traffic jams) and the house is then left open uncontrolled.
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